{poetry friday all over again, with the seven sisters}

Swords of Seven, Unite! Or, something. We need an heroic-sounding cry like that, for poetry. I didn’t even try to stay on the wagon in 2014. I did my haiku during National Poetry Month, but otherwise, I blew it. We keep promising ourselves that we’ll read more poetry, write more poetry, breathe more poetry, even […]

{poetry friday: the P7 and a non-mothering pantoum}

It’s always Liz. Seriously. She’s the one who pokes and prods us from our dailiness, who whispers, “Poetry!” in our routine-deafened ears, and we six follow the piping of her seventh, back into a poetry challenge. Seven Dancing Poetry Princesses have now worn a crown of sonnets, we’ve wrestled the brooding villanelle, and we learned […]

Happy Poetry Friday! I’ve finally written a new poem. The Poetry Princesses are gently flinging down gauntlets in the form of a villanelle, and since we all acknowledge that our sestinas were slowed by the sheer difficulty of the form, we needed a fresher challenge. This villanelle, which is a tricky nineteen line form with […]