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Thank you for stopping by this blog!

Apologies for the annoyance factor in jumping through hoops to comment, but it defeats machine spam, and helps reduce crackpot visits.

And, speaking of crackpots: You have my solemn promise that if you review my books negatively, I won’t stalk you or visit your home or call your workplace.

Any addresses I use for book giveaways go into a database, and then into the trash when the giveaway is finished. I DO NOT keep your personal information. You will not receive email from me for advertising purposes.

To comment, here’s what you do:

Register through this link.

Registration is not through WordPress, so if you lose your password or forget it, shoot me an email, and I can reset it. You must be registered to comment, and your first comment will be moderated. It’s just another line of defense against that spam again. And those crackpots. Who are sometimes the same people.

I am represented by Steven Chudney of the Chudney Agency. All queries from editors regarding specific projects should go directly through him.

Thank you.

P.S. – If for some reason nothing works, you may contact me through this form. We’ll figure it out.

P.P.S. – If you’re using this form to request me to blurb your book, please have your editor contact my publicist. If you’re using this form to try and sell me advertising or some scheme to make my site pop up faster in Google searches you are wasting both of our time, so please don’t.

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  1. OK, a followup note, on the difference between and

    The .com place will happily host your site, and allow you to create an account, which will give you the ability to comment on blogs hosted by them.

    The .org place gives away software, for hosting your own site (as this one is hosted).

    Sites which use the .org software do NOT authenticate through the .com place: we’re all on our own, with a separate account.

    This gives us some benefits, but often confuses people. Like, WAY often. Just about any time somebody has already created an account with the .com people, actually.

    So. If you have a WordPress account … you don’t have one here yet. If you WANT a WordPress account, by all means create one – but this site doesn’t do that: your information is just here, on this site, not shared with the world.

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