{haiku-ing 12}

This delightful dragon thing is a car… currently on display at the Oakland Museum of California. It’s made out of muffin tins and pie plates, jello molds and bits and bobs. Is it the sum of all our kitchen fears? Or the joyous completion of our Home-Ec assignment? Only the artist knows.

Oakland Museum of California 231


kitchen concocting
two parts scrap and one part fire
creates make-believe

{haiku-ing 9}

I was delighted when my friend Elle sent nasturtium and morning glory seeds from her glorious flower garden this past season. So much to put away and keep against next year’s delight. So much to plan for…

Lynedoch Crescent D 442

time to savor

the turn of seasons
brings ‘keeping’ and ‘put away’
to flavor our stews

{haiku-ing 7}

Blueberry Scones 2

The cat brings bedraggled, half-dead things to its human, because the human appears too dumb to hunt. The toddler shares half-eaten snacks, because snacks are good, and the adult appears too silly to know this. We all try to make the world work, when we share.

bits of honey

sticky, half-gnawed treats
toddler’s share. pure intentions
form our beginnings

{haiku-ing thanks 4}

There’s not a lot to be said for blood tests most days, but when it’s very early and a tiny bit chilly, recalcitrant fluids sometimes choose to stay where they are – poor phlebotomists. I am trying to turn the unwieldy flow of thoughts toward gratitude, however, and so…

trying again

worthy invention
this hollow, sharp implement
in such patient hands