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I am having the MONDAYEST of Mondays… You know it’s going to be One Of Those Mondays, when you turn on the kettle for tea – with the lid cracked so it won’t whistle and interrupt your partner’s business Zooms – and then forget it’s on the stove. And it heats for a couple hours or so, well past the water boiling dry, and then the lid melts. You go to open the blinds for the orchids and smell something…

SIGH…And it was technically vintage, since I’ve had that kettle since the 90’s…

Whine, whine. This feels appropriately dramatic:


Some days, I just don’t know…
Should I have stayed in bed?
Hear now my tale of woe.

I CAN go with the flow:
Should I push back instead
some days? I just don’t know.

My pride’s received a blow.
My confidence is dead
from hearing tales of woe.

It’s said, “Rain makes us grow,”
But I’m no flowerbed!
Some days, I just don’t know.

We reap that which we sow.
Here’s where my sowing led:
To today’s tale of woe.

This, my hard row to hoe,
Compost already spread…
Some days, I just don’t know.
Here ends this tale of woe.


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