{poetry 7: oh sing we of odes}

This. Poetry. Project.

I feel more righteously untouchable every month. I am DOING this thing! Yeah! It’s June and we Poetry Sisters have been poetically collaborating for Six. Whole. Months. How cool are we???

Of course, next month we may do imitative poems “In The Style Of,” or launch the crown of sonnets, wherein we seven have to take the last line of the sonnet in the crown ahead of us and make it the first line of our current sonnet (and the final person has to use the first AND last lines), and I am prettydarnedsure I will not feel so righteously anything at that point, except righteously clinging to sanity, but this month, I was ALL about the odes… because, odes are songs, and I am a choir girl. In my head (or brainradio, as my friend Kel calls it), there’s always A Song For Every Occasion.

Island of Broken Jewelry

We decided to skip the traditional Homeric or Pindaric forms of odes, which have waaaay too many lines for a fun Poetry Friday exercise, and stick with our own topics (not nature or Greek gods) and possibly make them un peu amusant as well. Well — I didn’t win on humor or nuance (you must see the others for that. My word.) – but I had a good time… and was righteously untouchable, of course. So I shall sing… of my bling.

Jewelry 8

ode to the adorned

Sing of ankles, wrists and throat; lobes and fingers unadorned
Natural beauty this promotes – (and an urge for baubles, note) –
Both paste and pearls my parents scorned, and so in me, the need was born

anklet, armbands, bangles, beads – (Siren Bijou, sing to me)
bracelets, brooch-pins charming chains — bling’s the thing that chants my name
chokers, charms, or cameos; circlets clipped on, don and go –
crowns of diamanté, gems, hoops, with jewels that never dim.

Praise for brilliance, facet, size – color, carat, clarity –
Sing of sequins, glitter’s guise; crystals (quartz) by Swarovski
Sticker studs, mehndi swirls —
necklace knots for boys or girls –
sing of pendants, rhinestone rings; tie tacks seen in magazines…

glass or stone it matters not – sparkle, shimmer, gleam and shine –
Won’t give that a second thought – all that matters is it’s mine.

Sing, the swing of pearl earrings, toes to forehead all adorned
Praise the beauty in the charm of the bracelet on my arm –
Laud the art as it is formed, praise for beauty, in me borne.

Skyway Drive 268

There’s still room at the top. ☺

I hope you’ve gotten a smile – and the idea that I’m like a wee, maddened magpie, always picking up rocks and stray buttons and things that sparkle on the street. (I do. I have no shame. Or shortage of quarters, either.) I also hope you’ll pop over to see what the scintillating Seven Sisters have written – the wit really sparkles in these odes and a lot of personality shines through, much more than in any other style than we’ve attempted, interestingly enough. I’m still kind of gobsmacked that in the spirit of “just getting one out” Ms. Rumphius scribbled one out and wowed us all. This was such fun, we’re still snickering, and you will be too:

Poetry Friday is where you can find even more swing and rhythm and meter, and it’s hosted today by the wonderfully named Buffy Silverman @ Buffy’s Blog. Have the most amazing, song-worthy weekend. Keep a song in your hearts, kids.

11 Replies to “{poetry 7: oh sing we of odes}”

  1. I love finding out about your bling too. What a great collection, and so well displayed! The only thing of bling I collect and wear is earrings, which I fell in love with in Jr. High. I love them again after leaving them alone for about 15 years. Something so comforting in a collection of beautiful things, right? And your Ode is a thing of beauty!

  2. Been trying since yesterday to comment, so I’m glad it finally worked!

    I must say that I have been wearing the same earrings since my dad died. He gave them to my mom and she gave them to me. I love bling on others and have admired many a necklace and dangly earring, but never feel I can pull it off. Your collection is amazing, as is this poem. You may have just encouraged me to think about changing my form of adornment!

  3. I love, love, love this! Especially because you are so not a “look at me” person in my head, so jewelry seems so opposite of what I picture. I love that you love bling and shared in such a joyous, musical way! Next time I see you in person (there will be a next time, right?), I hope you’re showing off some of your collection. “bracelets, brooch-pins charming chains — bling’s the thing that chants my name” is the line that’s hooking me right now.

    1. I guess I don’t think of jewelry as a “look at me” thing — I think of it as, “Ooh, look!” and I enjoy the sparkle, not because it calls attention to me. I think I’m more magpie and crow than peacock…

      Do you think you’ll be able to come to KidLitCon? Baltimore isn’t exactly close to Minnesota, but… I think my next visit your direction may be ALA next summer (although, ORLANDO!? Really? *sigh*). We WILL get that in-person thing to happen again!

  4. The only thing better than bling is new bling made from old bling. I had several of my necklaces re-made by this amazing woman who knits together bracelets and things from her enormous collection of baubles. You and me have to get a pic together of us rocking our bling one day….

  5. Oh, the things you learn. Had no idea you had such a thing for bling!
    What a resplendent ode in praise of. Siren Bijou indeed!

    I think earrings and bracelets are my favorites, though I fondly remember my yearning for an anklet when I was in high school. My aunt had a pretty gold anklet and I always coveted it. When I finally got my own, the clasp cut into my skin so I couldn’t wear it long. Also, one of my male classmates (upon whom I had a little crush), reminded me that anklets are worn by prostitutes. Off it came, never to be worn again.

    I also remember when silver ID bracelets were all the rage. I had mine engraved with “Mike Smith, DC5” after my favorite band member. “It’s wrong to say I don’t think of you . . . because, because I love you.” 🙂 🙂

    1. It dismays me that I have zero idea who Mike Smith is — although I now have looked up Dave Clark 5, and feel very knowledgeable indeed!

      A Prostitute!? HAH! Your classmate amuses me; he reminds me of an Indian girlfriend who decided never to pierce her nose because her mother always told her that bulls wore nose rings so that their owners could jerk them around. Hah! It’s all in the interpretation. I always wanted a toe ring, but I can’t even stand flip flops so something around my toe just won’t ever happen… oh, well. We all have our dreams…

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