Take A Quiet Moment for a Snoopy Dance…

Snoopy Dance!

We interrupt this sick day to proclaim that MARE’s WAR has been nominated and is under consideration for the ALA Best Books for Young Adults 2010 list!

This is exciting, and will mean a lot more exposure for the story of the 6888th Postal Battalion, as librarians from all over the country will be able to at least see the title of the book and wonder to themselves, “Hm. Wonder if my readers will like that one?”

I am *so* brainfuddled from five days and nights of bouts of intense high fever (I’m calling them Days of Intermittent Incandescence. Frankly, if you can name catastrophic weather systems, my fevers also deserve a name) that I can barely type straight, but this is the kind of news that at least makes me feel guilty about malingering in bed. I shall get up! I shall write…another novel! I shall…

…when I am more coherent.

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