The Post-Snoopy Dance Dance Party

Lynedoch Crescent D 195 HDR

I’m getting better! Thanks for everyone’s good wishes; I’m left with just a few coughs from my brush with Incandescence, just in time to attend a dance party with Eisha and Jules of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, and Adrienne of What Adrienne Thinks About That (I had to write that out — I love the name of her blog, and while everyone knows the “7-Imps” we just don’t often say Adrienne’s whole blog name).

The guests at the party are all of you, of course, and Sara Lewis Holmes and I have the honor of being lead dancers. Sara talks about her new and awesome book, OPERATION YES and all the bits she stole from her real life, and her kids’ life, while doing some free form pirouettes. I talk about the road-tripping in my life, and the bad karma that is Houston while I do The Swim. We have a few laughs, learn about each other’s books, and overall have a good time. Drop by!

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  1. Glad to hear you're recovering.

    There is some debate among the locals about how to pronounce "watat" ("wa-tat" or "wat-at"). I've found it best to stay out of that one, although whenever I say my blog title, it's talking about myself in the third person, which is always weird (except not around very small children–then it just feels natural, but they don't read my blog, either).

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