Good Things to Hear From Your Agent:

“Hi Tanita: I have finished the novel–and I really enjoyed it!”

Oh, thank God. Really. This has seriously been a LONG HAUL, and I should have let go of this novel at least three months ago, but kept rewriting it and doing stupid things like, oh, changing character names. (You know you should STOP FIDDLING ALREADY when no one in your writing group knows the characters names anymore. “Oh, is her name still Donnalyn? Or Ceici? Or is she Alice?”)

It’s amazing how good it feels sometimes to just get a book out of your hands.

And now the real work begins…!

5 Replies to “Good Things to Hear From Your Agent:”

  1. Good for you and congratulations!

    I yearn to read the same thing myself some day instead of “While I read your work with interest…”

    And what do you mean the real work begins? Surely that’s the last work you’ll ever do on that manuscript? (Yes dear, that is a joke…)

  2. Yay, you!

    Name-changing must be an author DISEASE. It’s catching and chronic and unfortunately, is known for leaving tell-tale marks which are discovered as far along as the copy-edits!

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