{#npm’17: the truth}

I’ve rewritten this something like six times, and I see I’m getting in my own way. Again. But, trying to focus a poem on the truth specifically is harder than I thought… There’s an old saying, “A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.” C. H. Spurgeon, Gems from Spurgeon (1859). And it’s kind of …worrying, while at the same time, dead on. Just look at social media for five minutes. How many times do people say celebrities are dead… and people think so for months afterward, while the people are still alive? Let’s not even mention politics. Lies happens, over and over again, in the infectious game of telephone that is rumor, and reverberate far out beyond where they began.

And yet: the truth is still there, where it needs to be, when anyone checks.

the Truth is rising
stomping into combat boots
door slams as Lie sprints
shirttails flying, shoes untied —
Unhurried, Truth’s standing, still.

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