{more fiction, more lies}

Hey, all, I’m back from a month away, where I was meant to be thinking about writing, yet not writing! I… have to admit that the Not Writing part was worrisomely easy, in some respects – but running around peat bogs and squeeing at dolphins and the like will do that for you. We had a great time, in starts and stops, as one always does on vacation – Nothing is 100% amazing, though we forget the inconveniences of splitting one’s pants (cough), thinking one cannot hike up another hill, or being caught in the rain for the nth time and stopping in to the first shop we saw which sold macs and JUST BUYING ONE, no deliberation, no fuss, just grab and go — (Tech Boy will disagree with this – but it was fast, for me) – but it was a fairly good tramp through Scotland for us. We won’t be back in the UK for a long, long time, though — it was kind of a farewell tour, a chance to see dear friends again, and then to move on to explore another country. Next stop: Norway! South America! Newfoundland!

It was good for my writing, in that I had fine time getting a feel for small village settings in a Northern village. So, so beautiful. SO, so many sheep and cows. So many mad cyclist whizzing down hills… I will be happily basing the fictional village of Dunbaig on a cross between Appin, Portencross and Rhugarbh.

Anyway, just letting you know the lies will continue, and you can look forward to not only lies but BAD HAIKU coming soon to a blog near you!

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