{beauty, in return for ashes}

Dear friend, this is your two-minute pick-me-up.

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” ~ Iain Thomas

Caspar 20
Low-carb Biscotti 5
San Francisco 260
San Francisco 210
San Francisco 244
Leoni Meadows 7 HDR
Vacaville 87
Skyway Drive 233
Portland 039
Low-Carb Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies 8
2014 Benicia 022

“Think of all the beauty still left around you, and be happy.”
– Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

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