{sometimes, you have to look at the whole, dumb list}

There’s a theme in this list, isn’t there?

Recurring names. Recurring books. Recurring ideas, which make the associated communities shriek with outrage.

A recurring issue, dealt with the same way every time, and held up for censure repeatedly.

Seriously? Time to get a grip.

And I say that with all intended kindness. I’m not a parent, but I can understand, I think, the urge to protect one’s child. The only issue there could possibly be with that is when one parent tries to fill that job for a whole community. Not going to happen — you take care of your kid, and I’ll take care of my imaginary kid. Teachers and librarians who find books offensive, in this better world I’m imagining, would remember that their job is to disseminate information, not to judge it, and they would act accordingly. School board members would read young adult literature, spend time with teens and tweens and Kindergartners, and be less afraid of what the world holds for the young, because they would know firsthand about their resilience and intelligence, and feel that they could trust them a little more. They could hold out books to them to read, with guidance. Maybe they could read along with them.

Man, I like my imaginary world.


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  1. I can only aspire to write a book that is banned. My gosh, look at the company I’d be in!! The ultimate ironies of these kinds of lists are A) how much they make the kids want to read the books on it and B) how many of those books deal with censorship of some kind. For me and my kids, I try gentle guidance with explanations of why I think certain books may be disturbing at this point in their lives. They usually read them anyway, but at least they are prepared when they come across blatant racism or violence or other issues that are upsetting. News to those who would ban books: you can’t make the issues go away by not reading about them, any more than you can change the news by changing the television station.

    1. I’m actually a leery of being banned, but hey – you’re right? Good, good company. Random company for sure, but good. You just never know what issue is going to set people off — but I think there’s a good chance it could be anything. So, someday, Barb, it could be you! You never know…

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