{thanksfully: meme – happy in your head}

by Tanya Davis ©2009, all rights reserved

Time again for a favorite poem…

I honestly do not always love a meme, and I don’t often forward things that other people are blogging or tweeting or passing around, simply because there’s a contrariness within me, and if I’ve seen it once — you’ve seen it four times by now. This piece of wonder went ’round the blogosphere months and months back, but I honestly think it’s worth repeating. Frequently. And to go with it, this semi tongue-in-cheek piece on introversion from The Atlantic, which also bears repeating.

Walk away from the crowd of people around you, and listen to your head.


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  1. Thanks for linking to that Atlantic piece. Maybe I’ve seen it before, but every reinforcement that being an introvert doesn’t also make me a total freak is welcome.

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