{gratitude: 11.15}

I love talking to people in Iceland – because while they have astrological seasons like everyone else, their meteorological seasons don’t match ours. In Iceland, winter starts at the end of October, following the old Norse calendar. This calendar only consists of two seasons – winter and summer. There are 26 weeks of winter in Iceland, and 26 weeks of summer, and the first day of each is a celebration. I don’t know – I kind of love that. I can get behind people who get that excited about weather – even if it’s what most people consider cold.

I’ve been enjoying our deeply foggy days and being cold when I get out of bed. And, I know – it’ll get SO OLD ’round about, oh, February, but for now, I am enjoying all the trappings of the cool season – including soup, which is the best food, ever. (Now that I’ve finally figured out how to reliably make it well.)

Soup Weather

Soup is a soothing word
Smooth, savory, like stew
But simpler – it’s sip, slurp,
Sloooop, and then its through.

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