{gratitude: 11.16}

Now that the immediate chaos of having cranked down to finish a novel is beginning to dissipate, I’m looking around at all the chaos I’ve left in my wake. There are a ton of projects I normally do well before this time of year which have been left undone. Not that Himself hasn’t kicked in and done a lot of work – but things like going through closets and mending and refreshing things are little things that I like to do and I’ve not done them, not to mention the larger responsibilities I have to particular Boards and organizations – all the volunteer work that nonprofits need I’ve delayed and stepped away from — and let’s not talk about our November family dinner, or my brother’s birthday. Let’s. Just. Not.

I’m grateful that at least the house is reasonably clean. Somehow, a huge mess would make it all even worse. As a person with a very overactive brain, for me, order = peace.

straighten up and fly right

Order is a sorting word
My ducks are in a row
‘O’ sees my wagons circled
While ‘d’ directs the flow
We’re dress-right-dress
We’re high-and-tight
We’re left-right, Forward, march!
All standing in our places,
Spit-and-polish, full of starch.

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