{gratitude: 11.1}

Does anyone else share my that end of year time crunching down on them? My angst, as deadlines loom (planned, unplanned, and now somehow EARLIER), and all the things I promised people gladly that I would do, I now am feeling like I’m slap-dashing and barely getting done. Going through my head are the words, “Ugh! I do not have time to post every day in the month of November.”

“Even though I want to, I do not have time to write a poem every day for the month of November.”

“Even though it’s traditional for this time of year, I do not have time for gratiti…”

…wait, really?! This has been a year in which I’ve received a great deal. I’d better have some time for a gratitude project!

I’ve tried to do a gratitude poetry exercise yearly in November, but I don’t always succeed. Additionally, this year, though, I come with limited time, and, (as usual?) a very dubious attitude. Every year, I end the month feeling truly grateful for my life, and I expect the same this year, (even though I have a deadline this month). Here’s to the transformation.

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