{gratitude: 11.2}

It might seem odd to play with the word “not” in this exercise on gratitude, but sometimes gratitude extends to being thankful not just for what we have… but what we don’t. Imagining the bullets dodged and Dire Fates avoided is easy in 2021. Giving thanks for the smaller choices that we made – or didn’t make – which led to new opportunity or a better outcome takes a little more thought. But, think of it – down to the granularity of right vs. left, stopped vs. went, took vs. gave. And say, “Thank you.”


N shapes with elbows a spiky negation
N-O – a familiar block in the road
T tweets “Time out!” in most any translation
Spoken in semaphore, sign, or Morse Code,
“Can’t make me! I Won’t!” Not for silver or gold.

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