{the #MoSt Poetry: 1}

Write a haiku for some goodness that has happened to you this year. If you find it difficult to choose just one, feel free to create a haiku series of goodnesses. Ready…steady… go…

Is anyone else exhausted?

The funny thing about December is that one has moments of… jump-started energy, where, at need, one can achieve all manner of things, despite crowds, driving rain, fog, unexpected traffic snarls… and then, afterward, one collapses into oneself like a disappointing souffle.

I am very nearly to the “afterward.” Our family is very low-key (for Christians) about Christmas, so I’m doing gigs right up until Christmas Eve. Everyone else’s holiday energy keeps me bolstered, but I’m really most happy to just sit under blankets with a book and basically be left alone.

And how I can hear you asking is that different from you on every other day? Um, THE BLANKET? Duh. I don’t use that in the summertime…


To get to the point of this post, today kicks off the Modesto Stanislaus Poetry Challenge, and we’re beginning gently, with a haiku. Especially since we did those all November, we can do this!

Irvington 206

secret garden

from the first cherries
to the sharp bite of citrus
a year-round table

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