{the #MoSt Poetry: 2}

Consider times in our lives when we are at the table, or someone has said, Come to the table. Write a poem for these times, or about the many sorts of tables (dining, negotiating, or even Periodic) we come to — or leave. For inspiration, consider this poem by our current U.S. Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo. Ready…Steady…Go~~~

Our family has, in the past couple of years, made a bigger point of getting together for meals than we had done for a while. Losing a family member a year for the last few years has brought home to all of us the fact that thought we are a big, sprawling family, we aren’t all of us in robust health, or very young anymore, and so we need to be sure we’re making the most of our time together. Scheduling these things is hectic, accommodating all of us – boyfriends, pets, and children and all – is a pain. But, it is a worth the strain.

Skyway Drive 412

à table

finding the leaf takes a moment
scouting through the house, asking Dad where
after the last holiday
it has gone.

then, when it is recovered,
it takes a village to lengthen it –
two to pull apart the stubborn panels
one to brush away the dust and crumbs,
and lay in the cumbersome board

even then we are not ready
the naked wood is too exposed
to hold our feast; our best efforts
must crown brocade and crystal
silver and porcelain

knives laid just so, plates set, chairs tucked in
across a gulf of roast and rolls
we reach out and link hands
restoring, unbroken, the circle.

connected one more time
we taste life’s sweetness.

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