{npm 2019: sixteen}

notre prière

conflict. plague. World Wars.
long nights of grief and fire
mais, voir – the smoke clears

The news is a bit easier to bear today for the Parisians of our acquaintance. Knowing how often Paris has had to rebuild heartens; they know how to do it and doubtless had all the plans in the world in place. But what a horror for those who had to execute them.

{npm 2019: 13}

kung fu tournament, 5 – and unders

katas in concert
qi released in high-pitched SHOUT
resting, Warrior reads

My Book Niece couldn’t wait ’til the competition was over to open her copy of NIÑO WRESTLES THE WORLD, and was blind to the competition around her – all five competition rings – as she sat on the floor, looking at her book. Mi preciosa.

{npm 2019: 10}

Peachtree 263

Editorial Notes

Dearie, nit tools are what you need —
Begin the desolation rite!
I tirade looniest as I weed
A deletions riot will be staged tonight.

Unexpected arrival, but exited about notes on the previously named Stella book (thanks to Angela Dominguez’s STELLA DIAZ HAS SOMETHING TO SAY we’re in the process of a title change. Any thoughts welcome.) I am going to finish out the week with anagrams, but they’re definitely a lot slower to write than haiku!

{npm 2019: 9}

it’s Prednisone

when the body sends snide pointers about everything you’ve missed
when your tongue can only dispense tin, or flavors you resist
when your brain’s awash in dopiness, inert, your thoughts unknown
it’s called “a cure” – it has a name; it’s Prednisone.

You know it’s bad when you’re anagramming drugs, but it made me smile, anyway.