I Am In Awe of Phillip Pullman

Lynedoch Crescent D 189

Yes, these are weird things to grow in basically the British rainforest, which is honestly what Glasgow must be. But, I don’t care. I’ve declared the front room the desert.

Looking up from my Cybils reading: I know — we all know the Sally Lockhart series and the His Dark Materials novels, but I hadn’t a clue that there were other Pullman YA stories. THERE ARE. I just read a novel called The Broken Bridge that I can’t wait to write up… at some other point… when I’m not neck-deep in the reading I’m supposed to be doing. But – even without a review, you know you should just go find it and read it, because it is quite good. It was published in 1990, which makes me feel like a right eejit to not have realized he wouldn’t have done the two series and stopped writing anything else at all. Duh. Anyway: you know you should go out and find it, because Phillip Pullman is an amazing writer, and you know you want to.

That is all.

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