{thanksfully: 9}

Happy birthday to a boy I had a suuuuuper sekrit crush on at age 16. Ironic that I cannot consistently remember the birthdays of my three closest friends – or my nephews – but I can for now and forever tell you the month and year of the birth of one JB Moors. And I didn’t even like him by the time our paths parted!

Today, I am thankful for the persistence of memory… and that the human brain is a completely bizarre thing.


who knew, years later
that his name, unwritten still
would be imprinted?
mind like a steel-trap, risking
my permanent record, marked

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  1. Speaking of super sekrit crushes — I had one in 7th grade. He sat behind me in homeroom and it was exciting to be invited to his birthday party. Years and years later I would occasionally dream about him though we hadn’t seen each other in decades. Fast forward to the FB era, when we reconnected via our alumni page. Shocked to learn he still had the engraved ID bracelet I gave him for his birthday that time. Every year on April 18 I remember . . .

    1. @jama-j: WOW, I LOVE that story. I think JBM might have kept the Swatch I gave him — but not forever! – so your story is even more perfectly bittersweet — Ah, well, here’s to “what ifs” – though I laugh and figure if I’d actually ever dated JBM, we’d have hated each other even faster. Maybe.

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