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So, we had Nephews this weekend. It’s like having mice, but a lot louder.

Nephew 1 turns eleven this month… and already he runs cross-country and wears a size 10.5 running shoe.


Y’know what? I’m just going to concentrate on the memory of little fat feet instead of being gobsmacked that he wears a half size lower than Tech Boy. (Also: I apologize in advance for the Dad Joke, but once heard, these things cannot be UNheard, amirite? Of course I am.)

Elf at Eleven

that gummy grin gleamed
face drool-bright and triumphant
as he found his feet –
his feet, like Saint Bernard’s paws
give him great understanding.

(Those adorable ears are why he’s been Elf his whole life. These nicknames just write themselves.)

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  1. @Jama-j: It really is like having loud mice. That child can eat his body weight overnight. He’s constantly nibbling.
    @MaryLee: He’s such a smart boy, we’re sure the understanding will kick in at some point. Meanwhile, he’s got great bossiness to carry him though – he’s SUCH an older brother to his little brother.

  2. If the picture didn’t make me smile, the poem sure did — babies and their feet. “Great understanding,” indeed! (although what that understanding might be, we’ll never be able to know)

  3. My goodness, those ARE the cutest ears! What an adorable, endearing poem. Love the St. Bernard paws part. The first line of this post made me laugh. Needed that, thanks.

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