Oooh. Pretty.

Shiny stickers make me happy.

Well, last week I saw S.A.M. off to the Bologna Children’s Book Faire, and hope he has a lovely time working hard on my behalf in the sunny climes of Italy – and I wish he and his sweetie a lovely time in Lisbon afterward. And I won’t cry if they don’t send me a little sunshine. Not very hard, anyway.

Fingers crossed that the Book Faire this year will have much buying and selling, and we’ll see some really neat books from other places introduced into the American market. We’ve had nibbles from various countries for both A LA CARTE and MARE’S WAR, so perhaps there will someday be a Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean version of either of the above…

High on the list of Things Which Make Me Ridiculously Pleased, right after hairless cats, gouache, and the Junior Library Guild Lapel Pin, (I don’t even wear blazers, but now that’s suddenly a MUST. I mean, everyone knows writers mostly wear sweats, but now I have an EXCUSE to get dressed!) — right after these fine things is poetry, and National Poetry Month is coming up quickly. Next month, you *MUST* check out the hullaballoo at Miss Rumphius’ Place! It’s Poetry Maker, where thirty-six poets for children, will be interviewed, and we’ll find out a little more about who they are and how they create. Meanwhile, over at GottaBook, Greg’s posting Thirty Poets in 30 Days, and each poem is going to be a previously unpublished one. The generosity of the poets involved is really amazing. It’s going to be an all-day, every day poetry celebration, beginning April first.

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  1. What a marvelously bright image to have glowing at me from my computer screen. Whee for the grownup version of A+s and gold stars!

    I hope you get some shiny sunshine too.

  2. That is one gorgeous glittering golden sticker. If I were you I’d be staring at it for days, mesmerized. You don’t even need the sun now that you have that sticker!

    I’m crossing fingers (and toes) for many foreign language versions of A La Carte and Mare’s War!

    My agent’s in Bologna now too so I hope if there’s such a thing as a Bologna Book Fairy that she has both our names on her list.

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