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It’s apparently Artist & Illustrator Week. First, via Fuse @SLJ, illustrator Davide Hyde Costello draws the cutest janitor/monster. Next, Bookshelves of Doom links to an excellent ten minutes with Quentin Blake where he illustrates the cover of one of his latest books. His watercolors sometimes flow out of the lines, but the overall effect is astonishing, and makes me think I should really take a class. Someday. In my copious spare time.

Trisha@GuysLitWire posts what the funny and snarky Max, age 13, thinks boys really want to read. Publishers, take note, right? Meanwhile, Mitali knows how to relate to boys — they LOVE her. She gets the best fan mail.

Meanwhile, while teachers and librarians and children’s book aficionados are working toward pulling together a children’s inauguration, to promote reading and literacy, the Irish are wholesale deciding that since they can’t be American, they can just make President-Elect Obama… Irish.

No, seriously.


What’s funnier is that Scottish newspapers are also saying that the President-elect is Scottish. But where’s their wee catchy song, I ask you??

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  1. I’ve never read Boy.

    That’s right – he also did Matilda. Again — it really is amazing that they never collaborated.

    (PS – Donal says that song makes his face hurt.)

  2. I love Quentin Blake–his illustrations are just too funny (and he’s got a great name!). I always associate him with Roald Dahl–I had a version of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes as a kid which had his illustrations in it.

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