{#npm’17: be here now}

robin’s song

“to the artist, to make the most of time”

a little bird once laid on me
intelligence in four short words
“be here right now.” philosophy
astonishing if not absurd –

we’re always Here. we’re always Now,
but humans linger in the past
endless Regretfuls we allow
to turn Today to overcast

so mindfulness in pithy phrase
may Zen-pretentiousness suppose,
but practice it – the mind’s malaise
will fade to nothing, decompose

friend robin sang and told a True
I strive for all my waking days:
“take risks! make messes! and pursue
both Love and Art, without delay.”

For my friend Robin Smith, who, hearing Tech Boy had been out of work since December sent a card asking, “I know you’re worried about all of that, but have you been writing? You have so much to offer.” So timely to this past week, I was sincerely touched that she wrote just when she has her own stuff going on. ♥

Christmas Here Right Now

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