Now auld acquaintance is being remembered in an abrupt flurry, as holiday letters still trickle in, and cards bearing wishes for a new year are still owed. It might ring a bit hollow to wish anyone “happy” with instability, wars and rumors of war on the horizon, but inertia, with its adjacent siblings, indifference and apathy, may for some eventually lead to a kind of dull contentment. It will be the furthest thing from joy, but for some, it is a familiar numbness, the life of an object at rest continuing to be so.

No so for the resistant.

For those on the lip of the crucible, the days to come are the challenge of furnace flame to test our mettle. At the metaphoric portal of the new year, let us prepare ourselves for the plunge.

Sonoma County 90

sufficient unto the day

peace. sit with the now
here, there is no “then.” Elsewhere
waits tomorrow’s strength

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  1. Oh swoon! And yes, being part of the resistance actually makes things feel less bleak. It is good to have a purpose and a focus. Knowing we’re in for 2-4 years of it doesn’t feel that daunting, when one feels as if they are actually making a difference. And that rather easy win on the Office of Congressional Ethics only fueled things.

  2. I am still crushing on your grains of sand. If I do a One Little Word this year, it might just be SAND.

    Here is mine for today, 1/1. I’m using Southwest WIFI on my way back to Ohio and will go update my post at Poetrepository and flood #haikuforhealing after I catch up on email.

    Happy New Year?
    You’ve already forgotten?
    Fresh hell awaits us.

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