{thanksful: 6 – healthy as a…}

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.
And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” — Maya Angelou

Is it rude to be grateful that Tech Boy got a really bad cold, and I didn’t?

In a word, yes… but, I’m grateful anyway, since, by measure of intensity, everything I get is at least twice as bad as what he gets. I was expecting a bout with the ‘flu, to be honest. It hasn’t shown up yet, and it’s been a couple weeks. I’m going to count my blessings and call it good.

*knocks sharply on wooden desk*

It’s just that it feels like I spent my thirties sick – as in ICU stays sick – and it was the most deflating thing ever, to have my body just up and go, “Nah, actually working right is for chumps.” I was so confused and betrayed. It took me a long time to forgive my body for making me feel elderly at twenty-nine, for infuriatingly punking out at thirty. It took a long time to remember things like wearing lipstick and perfume, and caring that I owned jewelry and nice clothes. Only later did I understand that my body did the best that it could for a long time, getting sicker all the while. It actually did me a solid, holding out until my first Christmas break during grad school. I went to ICU for 8 days and missed O classes. My body did well by me – and it only fell mostly apart. I mean, I could have just, you know, died. So, there’s that.

Occasionally gratitude is about perspective.

So, I’m going to go eat an ice lolly – low sugar and fruit juice sweetened – because okay, I didn’t get sick, and it’s time to treat my bod a little kinder.

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  1. Good Health is at the top of everyone’s gratitude list I think. Glad that so far you haven’t caught TB’s cold. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too, because it just so happens Len has a cold too. Didn’t realize you had such a tough time during your 30’s with health issues. Stay well please!

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