{#npm16: shaped acrostic}

These are trickier to lay out on a blog than they should be, but they’re lots of fun regardless. Shaped acrostics aren’t something I can foresee attempting anytime soon, but I am intrigued by this one, though the shape doesn’t specifically say anything to me about the poem. Still, it works for me…

Robert Yehling (1959- )

          Upon a glade of sun-sculpted
               Pine forest, rooted in stone,
                    Layers of my bark peel away,
                         Inviting a softer surface to emerge. I climb
                              Far into the sky, following an eagle’s current
                    To the sun–
               I melt into my sculptor…
          Nestled by Her vision, I hear a new call:
     “Go back to seed, and I will bring you Home.”

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