{thanksfully 3.0 ♦ fuyu}

Persimmon and Blueberry Pies

I find it unbelievable that I have no pictures of the persimmons that Bean picked up last year – from a tree unclaimed on the side of the road. I somehow didn’t even photograph the pomegranates, which are also a November favorite, which my father hoards from his tree… and while it seems early in the month to be grateful already for *cough* food, which is what most of us do when we feel like we’re running out of things, *cough* I forget about persimmons every single year. I hated them, as a child; they were slimy. I still prefer the firm ones – but the slushy, sticky fuyu, which can be dried whole or used fresh, make THE BEST sticky fruit cookies, ever. Actually, come to think of it, the pie was pretty good, too.

I am grateful today for all the gifts of autumn, even the ones I periodically forget exist.

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