Amusing Timewaster

Via Bookshelves of Doom, who managed to be Woodstock. I love Woodstock! But I also really wanted to be Lucy — but we all know my true nature…

Your Score: Marcie

Wishy-Washy: 50%, Mental: 71%, Physical: 31%

Marcie is Peppermint Patty’s best friend, and secretly loves Charlie Brown. She is always willing to help Patty through class and with homework, and plays on her sports teams even though she would rather be doing something else. Always address people you respect as “sir”.

Link: The Peanuts Character Test written by timberlineridge on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

S.A.M. is going to Italy — again — in March. I suppose when I’m rich and famous I’ll go to the Bologna Book Faire, too. I may have a long wait.

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