{north american discworld con, ’13: girls doing science}

A geologist and a physicist walk into a panel…

Baltimore 131
Baltimore 132

Kathryn Hoppe, geologist, and Catherine Asaro, physicist, explain how The Fifth Elephant might have slipped. Discworld Convention 2013

One of my favorite things about the Discworld Con – besides all the people-watching, and some truly inventive Maskerade costuming – was that the panels were balanced well between men and women. The Mad Science of Discworld was all done by men (Anatoly Belilovsky, Pat Harkin, Bill Mayhew, Jon Singer), and there was a lot of silliness and bwahahahaha sort of mad-sciencey stuff, but The Science of the Discworld was dominated by women (and Jon Singer, who sat and contemplated his good fortune in being next to such brilliance). Real science, real women.

Equal opportunity brilliance. Cool.

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