Wicked Cool & Coming Soon

I thought of all of my kidlit buddies yesterday, as Wicked Cool Overlooked Books day came… and then I recalled that we weren’t doing that sort of thing right on the heels of our kidlitpalooza of overlooked books, our Under Radar Recommendations, but be sure that I have a real favorite picked out for next month. Of course, next month is also the advent of the evocatively named October Country, and I can’t wait to play around with some words and images on that score.

Funny how being without consistent internet makes one feel a bit lost from home. Though I’m working on being awake for the last, oh, twenty-two hours? I’m feeling pretty good being back in touch with you.

Some thoughts: Dublin, which my friend Donal, who lives there, calls ‘the filthy city’ isn’t really all that bad, at least not at the airport, and airports are usually the bottom of the barrel. Ireland and Scotland are green, green (foggy, nippy, and downright boot-inspiring) jewels. I look forward to unearthing more stories here, finding a decent bookstore, and a pair of tights… not necessarily in that order. Our reservation has been shifted from one hotel to another, and we’re walking asleep, but news of a more bookish sort will emerge shortly… for lo, I have been to Waterstones…


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  1. Hooray, TadMack! My jealousy at your access to Waterstones knows no bounds! Well, perhaps it’s a slight exaggeration, and it’s really more envy at your access to greenery…

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