{Mare’s Girls: Forward, March.}

Oh, aren’t they just beautiful?

Three days, if I recall correctly.

They had three days, from the time they got off that blasted ship in Glasgow, and took the train into England – three days before they had to march in this revue. This is clearly filmed in the UK, and the girls were wearing their woolens and buttoned up in their coats and gloves. I know how I feel about having to march about in the damp and gray; these ladies had aches and cold ears — and they didn’t flinch or whine. They didn’t show it.

You know what else strikes me? How is it that people say that people of any ethnic ancestry all look alike? Really look at those faces, and tell me how many different noses, how many different chins you see. The variety of eyes, freckles – yes, there are those – shades and hues you see will speak of a mingling and melting of cultures and peoples and places of which once upon a time America was proud. Which brings me to my original point: aren’t they just beautiful? I’d love to squeeze them all.

For the record: the lady doing the reviewing is the Commander – and eventually Lieutenant Colonel – Charity Adams Earley; this film is courtesy some Army footage.

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  1. just had a chance to watch this (little Mattie is home with a very sore mouth from getting braces yesterday, and instead of being Stern, and sending him off to school regardless, I welcomed the chance to stay home too!).

    Sniff. Partly the music, but also just the sight of the young beautiful faces…going to war.

    1. (Aargh! It seems impossible that all of his baby teeth have fallen out!! Braces!?!?!)

      Yes… they were going to war, but I comfort myself with the thought that except for car accidents (there was one, and two girls died), their biggest casualty was paper cuts. The homesickness, cold and sickness, annoying battalion-mates, and rampant racism they faced were the other things that wearied their hearts.

  2. omg it’s SO HARD TO MAKE A COMMENT here that I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now that I’ve FINALLY been allowed to comment.

    *smooths tousled curls and wipes sweaty brow*

    I was GOING to say – Yes, they are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to weep! And the quality of the footage is so crystal clear it looks like it was filmed yesterday. Do you find yourself looking for Mare? I do.

    They are so sharp.

    1. Sorry! I got slammed with spammers for some reason, so this is my labyrinthine response.

      I look for Mare in every picture. I really, really do. It sometimes scares me that she’s so real to me. I want to weep because I want to hear them speaking…

      I need a time machine.

          1. I do understand! It’s easier now that I’ve RE-REGISTERED WITH WORDPRESS, OMG. (they were particularly obtuse yesterday. Or maybe it is my connection.)

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