{Mare’s Girls, part of Women at War, in The Atlantic}

The Atlantic is doing a pictorial series on WWII, Women At War, and I was thrilled that they had a single picture of the 6888th at Camp Shanks — and one I’d never seen before!!

Members of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) pose at Camp Shanks, New York, before leaving from New York Port of Embarkation on Feb. 2, 1945. The women are with the first contingent of Black American WACs to go overseas for the war effort From left to right are, kneeling: Pvt. Rose Stone; Pvt. Virginia Blake; and Pfc. Marie B. Gillisspie. Second row: Pvt. Genevieve Marshall; T/5 Fanny L. Talbert; and Cpl. Callie K. Smith. Third row: Pvt. Gladys Schuster Carter; T/4 Evelyn C. Martin; and Pfc. Theodora Palmer. (AP Photo, click to enlarge.)

In this photograph, I see Dovey, Ida, Ruby, Gloria and Peaches, don’t you? I could stare at these girls for hours.

DO check out the rest of the series; there are some real stunners in there, and you’ll learn things that you didn’t know. There are some scary ones, too; one that especially struck me was of a girl getting her head shaved — by men — for being an alleged collaborator.

Always intriguing, pictures like these, and they always resurrect the question in me: what would I do, in a world at war, were I called upon to take part? “All gave some,” as the saying goes, “but some gave all.” If necessary, what could I give?

Deep thoughts on a Wednesday.

Hat tip to Elizabeth Wein (check out the new website!) for the heads-up on the piece.

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  1. An amazing pictorial. Beautiful, chilling, fascinating, frightening and inspiring.

    And how cool is it that they have a picture of Mare’s girls you hadn’t seen, after all your research? That’s great.

    I, too, sometimes wonder what I’m made of and what I could/would do in a world war situation ….

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