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Happy Earth Day… it’s a bit ironic that my thoughts today are on judgment, when there’s so much moralizing and judgment about the environment. NOT WITHOUT CAUSE, in some ways, but I kind of hate how much individuals turn on each other over things which we should be pressuring corporations and institutions about, instead of side-eying each other so hard…

One of the worst parts of growing up in my family is that I learned to judge everyone – and myself – early and often. It is an everlasting source of bemusement to me that one of the firm tenets of Christianity is ‘Don’t judge, or you’ll be judged by the same rubric,’ and …yet. I’m learning, though, to be conscious of my own observations and attitudes. To make more neutral statements. To ask questions. To realize that my hearing is more important that my opinion.

Does being non-judgmental count regarding environmental concerns? I don’t know… but when the tenor of our concern gets wielded like a weapon in our quest to save the earth, it doesn’t help…

Untitled Draft

“Do not judge,” easy enough to say it,
Who knows what hardships haunt the hearts of man?
Bite your tongue, or be named a hypocrite.

The Golden Rule’s a maxim found in Holy Writ
Respect as central to that same game plan
as “Do not judge.” Easy enough to say it,

Hard to admit that we, too, are unfit.
Who sees MY stuff, once your stuff hits the fan?
Bite your tongue! Or be named a hypocrite,

Or, just human. Here we can admit it:
“Perfect’s” a gap that humans cannot span.
So, don’t judge. Easy enough to say it…

Our moralizing’s harder to omit.
We just want to feel better than ‘less than!’
Bite your tongue, or be named a hypocrite…

Since judgment ravels what should be tight-knit,
And swindles peace from life like a con-man,
Do not judge. Too easy just to say it,
So, bite your tongue, or are you a hypocrite?

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  1. Ouch. I’m reading this before writing my thoughts on my Earth Day experience yesterday, and I’m going to have to take another look in the mirror. You are rocking the villanelles!

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