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The HarperCollins Children’s Books winter catalog goes live next weekend, so ahead of the rush, I get to show off my next cover! Brittany Jackson is the artist, and Kathy Lam is the designer, and I feel like together they’ve created a cover that’s just — *chef’s kiss* — perfect.

I think I like best the sense of uncertainty in Henri’s eyes. So much of what she wants – to conquer math, to make friends, to get her sister to see her as something other than a total nuisance – seems out of reach. What does it take to make things happen like you want them to? Like everyone else, she’s got to figure it out…

I can’t wait for you to enjoy this book.

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  1. A sky on the cover always gives me hope. I luv the idea she’s up on a hill, also reaching high. It’s totally hopeful & shimmers a feeling of wonder. Great cover & glad for a math story. Yay, Henri!

  2. Your cover is gorgeous Tanita, the sky is full of working-wonder, and there’s definitely questions there in her eyes… Congrats on this new book, I’m looking forward to reading it!
    I loved “Partly Cloudy!!!” I don’t want to return it to the library, and I may have to purchase it. I enjoyed all the characters you created and their relationships-lots to ponder there.

    1. @Michelle K: Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Partly Cloudy. At the time I wrote it, it felt like something simple yet necessary to be said – I hope that its simplicity comes across to readers who feel in need of a solution for their difficult relationships.

      Isn’t the sky-writing great?! – And “working-wonder” is the perfect phrase for it!

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