{gratitude: 11.24}

Poetry Peeps! Just a little reminder: you’re invited to our challenge in the month of November! Here’s the scoop: This month, we’re writing an Ode to Autumn. (If you need more information on how to write them, Billy Collins did a Masterclass.) Whether you choose an irregular ode with no set pattern or rhyme, or the ten-line, three-to-five stanza famed by Homer himself, we hope you’ll join us in saluting all things autumnal. Are you in? Good! Share your offering with the rest of us on November 26th (this Friday after Thanksgiving) in a post and/or on social media with the tag #PoetryPals.

About seven years ago, we got a full-size, professional massage table. Himself just came home from Costco and presented it proudly. I was… less than enthused. It wasn’t that expensive, but it was spendy enough, and should we really have been spending the money on something when neither of us had ever finished a massage course and we probably weren’t ever going to use it? Clearly showing what I knew, we used that thing so much, both for prescribed physical therapy exercises and for actual massages that within the first year I’d say it paid for itself at least twice. And now? It’s priceless. I’m grateful for a good massage.


Massage is a l o o s e n e d word,
Beginning with an “mmm
When masses of my muscles
Call a truce from their mayhem.
The body gives its wisdom,
Serves it out just like a ‘sage’
And informs me that it needs self-care
To amend its middle age!

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  1. Mmmmm, massages! Haven’t had one in awhile. So impressed with your professional massage table! Don’t know anyone else who has one, or even considered getting one. 🙂 Your poem makes me feel more relaaaaaaxed . . .

    Happy Thanksgiving; grateful for all your posts this month!

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