please stop asking

if i’m okay,
only to offer
how it is with you:

i hear you, but

i have reached capacity.
i will take up your cause

        or maybe never

please stop talking

asking what i know
what i have seen
stop marveling

about yet another murder that should



please stop reaching, don’t

extend greedy hands for

that cookie, wanted

expected, nay, believed

deserved from brown hands
i see you. you do

your good deed. now let it be

between you and your Eternity
with me left

please stop


One Reply to “{request}”

  1. @All: Thank you to those who have been gracious. This isn’t directed toward any of you.
    If you’ve been demanding… reaction, responses, recognition from your Black friends right now, though… don’t. Please. That’s beyond unkind.

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