{new year thoughts}

These are thoughts from author Talia Hibbert, filed here so I can return to them at need.

On Planning for 2020

1. Remember who you are.

If you know you don’t have the time or patience to decorate your planner with nifty little themes, then don’t.

If you hate exercise with the sort of burning passion typically seen in cruel-mouthed, bodice-ripping 80s romance heroes, don’t schedule daily HIIT classes from January 1st.

In short, don’t put pressure on yourself to be someone else. Trust me, it never works.

2. This is for you.

We’re often encouraged to set goals that will improve us. While growth is fabulous, being happy is more important than being ‘better’.

Everything about you, everything you’ve achieved, everything you enjoy, doesn’t have to become a neverending competition.

If you love to read, you could set a goal about reclaiming time to visit the library – rather than a goal like ‘Read 500 books!’

If you enjoy knitting, resolve to try new and exciting patterns in 2020 – rather than a goal like ‘Make 500 pairs of tiny socks for local misplaced toucans!’

3. Celebrate the present.

If you’re setting new goals for your job or business in 2020, that’s because you learned something in 2019.

If you’re setting a new personal or health-based goal, that’s because you’ve made the difficult decision to choose change.

While looking forward, don’t forget to value where you stand right now. You’re here. You made it. You did good.

If nothing else, this year will be full of moments when we arrive. Don’t forget to acknowledge them… you made it. You’re here. You did it. Good for you.

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