Agents, Agents, Agents…

A.fortis has shown so much chutzpah and moxie and a whole lot of other things with taking those wee rejection slips and making them into confetti that now I’m wondering why I’ve held off for so long on getting an agent. I’ve been reading my own notes on this from the SCBWI Conference talk with Writer’s House agent Jodi Reamer last summer (you can check out the notes in our Files on Yahoo), and I’ve been going back and forth… Finally, I’ve decided that I have something to offer. So. Tomorrow, people. Going to contact Writer’s House, since they have the largest children’s list in the U.S., and see what their parameters are in accepting manuscripts, etc., and then go from there.

Check out Authors on the, which has a little Literary Agent’s Rountable section, where they ask various questions of various agents from different houses. What galvanized me into action was the answer one woman had about what she looks for in a query letter. She said that what she wanted most to know is “What are you doing next?”

I’m only as good as the next word I type.
Something to consider.

Write away.

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