{haiku-ing 26}


a bouquet of scents
from my lovely white grapefruit
reach at your own risk

SUPER excited to discover the output of another fruit tree from a yard which has turned out to be a gift that has kept giving. I thought I had huge Meyer-esque lemons, but as they ripened, they seemed to have an odd shape… and we ate the first today, which was glorious and mild and floral in the way only a good white grapefruit can be. And THEN! We discovered that along with the grapefruit, we have some kind of clementines, and possibly Magrut limes …on the same tree. I am ECSTATIC, of course, but …well, reach into thicket if you dare… this was an average-sized thorn, and there are FAR more. The tree really does not want to share. At all.

Gotta respect people who have good boundaries, though.