{haiku-ing 26}


a bouquet of scents
from my lovely white grapefruit
reach at your own risk

SUPER excited to discover the output of another fruit tree from a yard which has turned out to be a gift that has kept giving. I thought I had huge Meyer-esque lemons, but as they ripened, they seemed to have an odd shape… and we ate the first today, which was glorious and mild and floral in the way only a good white grapefruit can be. And THEN! We discovered that along with the grapefruit, we have some kind of clementines, and possibly Magrut limes …on the same tree. I am ECSTATIC, of course, but …well, reach into thicket if you dare… this was an average-sized thorn, and there are FAR more. The tree really does not want to share. At all.

Gotta respect people who have good boundaries, though.

{haiku-ing 24}

stopping by the store on a chilly evening

poised mid-aisle, she calls
and I hear the whole story
while picking out squash

(In case it’s not apparent, I’m grateful we have …stores? Although it would be more peaceful to pick the squash out of the field, at this point, but… inevitably someone with a cart and a phone would be there, too, likely… It’s always this way, shopping before Thanksgiving…)

{haiku-ing 21}

I was reminded of this questionable gift when the nephews brought over really badly done caramel apples which made us smile and do the polite, “Oh, no, dears, you go ahead.” Far be it from us to hog all the seasonal sticky.

Candied Apple 1

usually it’s candy corn

A yearly regret:
one questionable splurge and
common sense returns