{npm 2019: 11}

Image taken from page 54 of 'Songs for Little People. [With illustrations by H. Stratton.]'

Image courtesy British Library Flickr

la sirena

Within the ocean’s rinse and churn
A bright tail risen from the waves!
A resin replica retrains mere traces of that beauty grave.
Sailor leaves his ship to yearn; surfer reins in her offspring
Deep unto deep, the waters call as from the sea the siren sings.

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  1. I have enjoyed all of these so much. Last week, my daughter, her friends, and I tried some anagram titles using just our names. It’s so much harder than it sounds! They all really enjoyed it, though. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. @Karen Edmisten: I’m so glad! It’s actually EASIER when you’re not trying to stick to anything topically; I decided on this one because I named a character ‘Serena’ this week, and realized it meant mermaid in Spanish!

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