tanita s. davis


Tanita prefers to sit in the corner of a coffee shop, her hot chocolate getting cold, listening to the world around her. Born in the well-known California "City by the Bay," Tanita was a chatty youngest child -- the last in a line of girls all born eighteen months apart. In defense of her sanity, Tanita's mother begged her to "just write it down" when Tanita wanted to share another endless singing, dancing, or storytelling performance. This seemed a perfectly good idea to Tanita, and thus was born a talent for mimicry and a skill for listening to the world around her, and the impetus to get it down on paper.

When she was five, the family moved away from San Francisco and deep into suburbia, where pretty much nothing happened for years and years and years, except that Tanita graduated from being the baby of the family. Two more adopted sibs make her now a middle child, on which she is able to blame all of her significant neurotic eccentricities.

Most of her life she wished she was adventurous enough to go somewhere and do something different and exciting. And though it took her until she had finished her MFA at Mills College in 2004 to gain her courage, she finally took off, and spent 5 years living in Scotland, singing (and dancing) and telling stories on paper, waiting for the boy she likes (and married) to finish his PhD. She had to listen a little harder, hoping to understand what the world is trying to say. After 5 years trying, she moved back to Northern California, back close to the bay and to family. Eventually she'll set off for someplace else, but for now is enjoying the fog and the sunshine.

*This bio is perpetually under construction.*



Tanita S. Davis



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