Partly Cloudy by Tanita S. Davis

Partly Cloudy

Lightning couldn’t strike twice, could it? After a terrible year, Madalyn needs clear skies desperately. Moving in with her great-uncle, Papa Lobo, and switching to a new school is just the first step.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though. Madalyn discovers she’s the only Black girl in her class, and while most of her classmates are friendly, assumptions lead to some serious storms.

Papa Lobo’s long-running feud with neighbor Mrs. Baylor brings wild weather of its own, and Madalyn wonders just how far things will go. But when fire threatens the community, Madalyn discovers that truly being neighborly means more than just staying on your side of the street— it means weathering tough conversations—and finding that together a family can pull through anything.

Award-winning author Tanita S. Davis shows us that life is mashup and partly cloudy days still contain a bit of blue worth celebrating.

A Junior Library Guild Selection

"A timely novel full of thought-provoking questions." - Kirkus Reviews

"Madalyn works to navigate the unpredictable forecast of her transplanted life, questioning what it means to be Black in all-white spaces.

"Davis captures the often glossed over tenderness of preadolescence, the space between blossoming independence and a lingering desire for the comfort and support of caregivers."

- Booklist Starred Review, Melanie Marshall, September 2021

"Through the guidance offered by Mom and Papa Lobo, Davis suggests alternate paths for her protagonist—and by extension, readers—through Madalyn’s challenge: assess whether the friendship is worth pursuing and, if so, insist on the difficult and honest conversations necessary to lay its foundation...Madalyn and Natalie’s ultimate choice may be rosily orchestrated here, but their mutual courage in reaching for reconciliation offers readers much to ponder."

- Bulletin of the Center of Children's Books

"In this... multigenerational narrative, Davis explores race, tough conversations, and climate change as her endearing protagonist learns to face conflict and embrace community."

- 2021 Publishers' Weekly

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