{right, christmas is cancelled}

You know what? I’m not doing this.

I’m not. I’m done. Seriously — stick a fork in me.

I hate shopping on a regular day. I LOATHE shopping during the holidays. I love my people. I know they love me, on a good day. But this frenetic rushing about, trying to get the perfect thing like it won’t be there the next day — no. Most of my nearest and dearest are underemployed and broke. Why are we doing this again?

Oh, Jesus. Right, right…

Nope, wrong.

This travesty of shopping and emo-ludicrous DeBeers commercials has nothing to do with that guy. We can’t blame this on Jesus, over the top tinsel, glitter, and white lights. I love looking at decorated houses, hearing carols and eating unfrosted gingersnaps by the pound. It’s just that I cannot… produce sentiment, nostalgia, or perfect family moments on cue. I cannot meet whatever silent expectation you might be having for me that you never explained, nor can I comprehend your disappointment, grief or — worst, your rage when I do not. And I strongly resent any arbitrary date on the calendar which requires this song and dance of me. Everything is ridiculous and overblown and too loud, and we are all so almighty stressed and distressed that this whole yearly extravaganza is a highly bad, bad, bad idea. So, Christmas is OFF, okay? OKAY, THEN, FINE.

…so, I’ll see you on the 24th, for brunch, a lazy movie marathon and board games, then? You’re on.

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  1. I’m just so detached from all of it this year. I know the actual Eve will be magical as I’m hanging out with my Littles. But the cardboard chaos and financial upheaval of moving~added to the steep learning curve of a new job? And yet another bad date? Yeah. Zero holiday spirit here.

    But. Fiercely seeking a bit of holiday joys each day~turning a corner and seeing fun yard decorations, catching a bit of a favorite Christmas song, savoring my stash of Trader’s peppermint Joe Joe’s, writing a card or two to let someone know how they touched my life. It also helps that the majority of my students don’t celebrate Christmas, so school is a neutral zone right now.

  2. Hallelujah. Thank you.

    Along with everything you listed, add the peer pressure around decorating my flippin’ classroom DOOR.

    We are studying the movements of the earth in science right now. I want to (but probably can’t) put an Earth on my door with the message, “Our tilted axis is the reason for the season.”

    I SO want to…

  3. oh yes! so glad to hear christmas is cancelled this year. thank you. the stress, aggravation and pressure seem to get worse the older i get. sigh. call me mrs. scrooge. brunch and board games sound just about right . . . with maybe an old movie or two thrown in.

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