{#npm: 17 – verdant}

It continues to astound me that all one needs is ten days before evidence that life lives on in a seed emerges. These wee lettuces are less than a month old, and already they’re clearly and obviously recognizable as a varietal of romaine. They get big so fast! Now all I have to do is figure out how to harvest a leaf here or there without killing off the whole plant…

that first crunch calls me,
glowing fresh and verdant green,
to my salad days

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  1. Those are some beautiful greens. I too love the first crunch, but mine comes from the farmer’s market, not a garden of my own making (black thumb here). What I don’t like is the dirt and grit I can never seem to fully rinse off.

    1. @Tricia Stohr-Hunt: I liked even LESS the little worm thingy I found in the middle of my Romaine last summer… I look forward to going back to Farmer’s Market but let me say I’ve been strategizing on how better to clean up my lettuces!!!

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