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Since my autoimmune disorder means I haven’t actually left the general area of My House in weeks (wow, six weeks tomorrow…) I’m fascinated by reports of what’s done in places Not My House. Himself texts me pictures of the grocery store – where they greet each shopping cart with a mist of alcohol spray, and anoint every hand with a blob of hand sanitizer. I love that people don’t have the option to skip that – we’re ALL HAVING SAFETY TODAY, THANKS. The name of the store is Safeway, after all…

two carts apart

face-masked clergy share
antiseptic benisons
shopping sacrament

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  1. It’s an entirely new world. Plastic guards between the checkers and the card machine, little pieces of tape that previously I’d only seen on stage telling us where to stand, and SO much cleaning. Saw a meme that said something to the effect of “everytime I use the bathroom, my toilet is deep cleaned by all the Chlorox I’m ingesting”.

    And with that lovely image….

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