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    1. @Jama: I’m learning the uke; I can play seven chords now, which is enough for quite a few songs. After we went to Hawai’i last March, we needed some of the joy to bring back so we went to the next ukulele festival here and found me a friend – I named it Baliset (from Dune – don’t even ask, my nerddom is overwhelming). The pillow has a pattern like those quits, yes, but it was just something that was as close to them as I could get – not really Hawai’ian, sadly.

      1. Seven chords is actually a lot — I remember being able to play quite a few tunes with only 3 chords. Baliset — hmmmm, haven’t read Dune. I’m assuming you’re also singing while playing your instrument. 🙂

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